Reflections on Building the Digital Blue Ridge Parkway

Reflections on Building the Digital Blue Ridge Parkway

In 2012, I participated in a working group at the National Council of Public History meeting called “Visualizing the Past:
Graphs, Maps, and Trees:  Imagining the Future of Public Interfaces to Cultural Heritage Collections.” Each of the working group members wrote a blog post reflecting on our own experiences developing digital humanities projects.

My post, “Reflections on Building the Digital Blue Ridge Parkway,” focused on my work with colleagues at the UNC-Chapel Hill Libraries to create Driving Through Time. As I reviewed this post now (in 2018) while consolidating my work on the present website, I am even more struck than I was in 2012 by the truth of this observation that I made at the time:

. . .there are probably a lot of things I (and the people I have been working with) should have known and thought about—as a team, together—before launching head-on into creating Driving Through Time: The Digital Blue Ridge Parkway, my own “digital humanities” / historical visualization project that I want to reflect on here.

In case the home site for the working group ever disappears, a PDF of my post is available here.

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