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Photograph by Anne and David Whisnant (taken October 26, 2008) of the North Carolina state historic marker for the Blue Ridge Parkway, located on the Parkway near Low Gap, NC.

Account of first phase of construction on first Blue Ridge Parkway section, Section 2-A (NC/VA line southward to U.S. highway 21). Gives specific start dates in September, 1935 for various aspects of construction. Addresses question of official date…

KARDEX 2-A _ NC & VA State Line to US Route 21.pdf
Construction record for Parkway section 2A (North Carolina/Virginia line south to U.S. Route 21) maintained by Blue Ridge Parkway headquarters, Asheville, NC.

110 Men to Begin Work on Parkway Road at Once
Newspaper account addressing impending start of Blue Ridge Parkway construction.

Letter addressing Parkway construction start date:

"Representing you and the people of the State of North Carolina, I ordered the first breaking of ground on the first project of the Shenandoah- Great Smoky Mountains National Parkway on ThAVsday,…

Talking about beginning of construction on Parkway -- a really nice description of that first day. Header notes that Virginia part "must wait for meeting of its legislature." Says that more than 100 men started work on the Parkway at NC-VA line on…

This is a THURSDAY. Says "the first work toward the construction of the first link of the Park-to-Park Scenic highway began Wednesday morning [September 11, 1935], when a few men were employed by the contractor to assist in unloading and moving…
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