The Blue Ridge Parkway: Learn More

Parkway History

Key Dates in Early Blue Ridge Parkway History (a list I have compiled of some key dates , supplemented by some related historical documents)

Some Interesting Historical Documents
Gathered during my research for the book. There are two small collections online now (click the link above to access them):

Whisnant Writings about the Parkway

Blue Ridge Parkway’s 75th Anniversary Celebration Begins
Whisnant article on National Parks Traveler, 20 October 2008

The route to buying Grandfather Mountain
Whisnant op-ed from the Raleigh News & Observer, 12 October 2008 [with David E. Whisnant]

Tarnish on our national treasures
Whisnant op-ed from the Raleigh News & Observer, March 30, 2007. Commentary on National Parks "Centennial Initiative" [with David E. Whisnant]

Q: Is the Parkway in Trouble?
Raleigh News & Observer investigative report about the Parkway's woes, which includes Whisnant op-ed titled "The Parkway has never been easy, but it's worth it"
October 15, 2006

A Two-State Solution to the Parkway's Woes
Whisnant op-ed from the Raleigh News & Observer, May 5, 2006

The Blue Ridge Parkway's Controversial History
Duke News Service discussion with Anne Whisnant.

Organizations and Other Information

Blue Ridge Parkway
Official site.

National Park Service
Official site.

Blue Ridge Parkway Association
Membership includes attractions, outdoor recreation, accommodations, restaurants, shops, and a variety of other services essential to travelers.

Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation
An independent, private nonprofit supporting foundation of the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Blue Ridge Parkway 75, Inc.
Non-profit organized to celebrate the Parkway's 75th anniversary in 2010.
The online retail outlet for Parkway-related products. A portion of the profits go back to the Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation.

Conservation Trust for North Carolina
Land trust protecting lands and views along the Parkway in North Carolina.

Friends of the Blue Ridge Parkway
FRIENDS of the Blue Ridge Parkway is a non-profit, volunteer organization that is dedicated to preserving and protecting the Blue Ridge Parkway, a national treasure.

Lying Lightly on the Land: Building America's National Park Roads and Parkways
An overview and six themes from a museum exhibit by the same name are summarized as an introduction to this feature highlighting colorful period postcards of Yellowstone before the automobile, and eight other parks during the golden age of park road development.

National Parks Conservation Association
National advocacy group that works politically on behalf of the National Parks.

National Parks Traveler
Excellent blog written by journalist Kurt Repanshek, providing thoughtful commentary on issues facing the National Parks.

Virtual Blue Ridge
This link takes you to Virtual Blue Ridge's Blue Ridge Parkway Guide, which has useful trip-planning information, photographs, and a virtual Parkway tour that incorporates video, panoramic images, sound and text.

Western Virginia Land Trust
Land trust protecting lands and views along the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia.